Watchdog Capital by Early Bitcoin Adopter Bruce Fenton is a New Broker-Dealer For Crypto Companies

SEC and FINRA compliant broker-dealer, Watchdog Capital, says it has faith in blockchain-based digital securities and has launched a crypto-friendly security platform. The firm believes that distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way capital markets operate, Cointelegraph reports.

Watchdog Capital is owned by a long-time Bitcoin worshiper Bruce Fenton who also doubles up as Chainstone Labs CEO. Fenton stated that most of the aspects in the Bitcoin industry can be harnessed and used successfully within the securities industry. He gave an example of cypherpunks which he said can be used to protect consumers as well as their privacy and also allow them to have increased control of their digital lives. He said that his firm will work to harness the benefits of this technology in the securities sector.

The firm is approved for Reg A+ offerings, securities underwriting, crowdfunding, retail and institutional business such as directed brokerage, REITs and various OTC, investment banking.

The platform will only admit companies and persons who adhere to a very stringent compliance screening procedure. Those that will meet the compliance requirements will have access to Watchdog’s technical as well as capabilities.

Fenton recalled the now-defunct DAO in 2016 which he says that it opened his eyes on the importance of regulations. Instead of fighting with the regulators, Fenton decided to work with them and Watchdog got the SEC licensure. He elaborated that it is possible for Watchdog to comply with the requisite regulations when it comes to decentralized and distributed technology.

While Fenton remained coy on what share of crypto-related business would be part of the Watchdog’s business, he explained that in the near future all assets are likely to be tokenized inclusive of government bonds. Fenton added that it was hard for a person to move his shares around but that would be possible if the same shares were tokenized.

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