Tanla & Microsoft Launches Blockchain-based Communication Platform on Azure

Tanla Platforms Limited and Microsoft have partnered to launch a blockchain-based communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) dubbed ‘Wisely.’ This communication channel touts a secure, trusted, and private edge-to-edge network targeting enterprises and their supply chains. The Wisely CPaaS is built on Microsoft Azure, hence leveraging the underlying fundamentals of this cloud ecosystem.

Wisely derives some of the functionalities including Microsoft Azure PostgresSQL Database, Databricks, Cosmos DB, Kubernetes Service, and other embedded services. The platform also uses AI/ML to increase the value proposition of its product and cut associated costs over time. Being a blockchain-based network Wisely provides a single truth source by making all the data visible to participating stakeholders. Tanla’s CEO & Chairman, Uday Reddy, said that the new tech is a game-changer for enterprise communication,

“We’re excited to launch Wisely, our new global platform powered by Microsoft. It is a gamechanger for enterprises, mobile carriers, OTT players, marketers, and industry regulators.”

The Wisely marketplace is designed to create a trustworthy communication network where enterprises can connect and access the omnichannel capabilities. This edge-to-edge encrypted platform allows enterprises to collaborate with suppliers, meeting the ever-changing communication needs. Enterprises have an option to onboard their own suppliers or chose from an existing channel. So far, wisely has secured three cryptography and blockchain-oriented patents from the U.S Patents and Trademark office. Microsoft Corporate VP of Cross-Industry solutions, Omar Abbosh, commented on the potential disruption of this milestone,

“Disruption isn’t part of the journey; it is the journey. Leading and thriving requires a commitment to perpetual transformation, and the cloud is where and how this happens. Data security and privacy is an important component, and Wisely leverages the flexibility and reliability of Microsoft Azure to provide another great business communication option for our enterprise customers.”

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Author: Edwin Munyui

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