Security-Token Management Firm Securitize Open-Sources its Current Protocol to Enhance Issuance

Security-Token Management Firm Securitize Open-Sources its Current Protocol to Enhance Issuance

Securitize, the security token and compliance tech company is making significant strides in its tech public; they are doing this by open sourcing their current Digital Securities Protocol (DS), this is according to The Block.

The compliance has become the core compliance platform that has been designed in a manner it is able to manage and issue security tokens, several players in the market are using it, this is the likes of the tZero. They use it for their secondary trading market.

There is a partnership in place

According to an announcement made last week Securitize has gone ahead to partner with tZero. The platform tZero has been established as a tokenization together with a trading platform that is used for the securities tokens.

Another announcement was made at the Consensus 2019 conference on Monday; DS protocol has officially been made available on the Github. The CEO and the founder of the Securitize platform, Carlos Domingo states that he believes that the system they have created has already proven itself in the market.

And thanks to the open-source code, developers will have an easy time creating dApps on top of the current protocol.

A new 3.0 version released

We should also expect to see big things soon as the firm has gone ahead to launch the 3.0 version of the platform.

They have designed it with a control panel that will help the different users on the platform to manage and issue a proper lifecycle for the digital securities. The company has been able to issue about $135M worth of various digital assets.

This is the likes of Aspencoin, SPICE VC, Blockchain Capital, Science Blockchain and many more; they have plenty of assets to ensure they cater for their user’s needs. The next thing that should come is applications that can be used for the digital securities.

“We decided to open source the DS Protocol only after proving it works in real-world applications with real customers tokenizing multiple actual securities,” said Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder & CEO of Securitize. “The DS Protocol is now ready for developers to begin creating innovative applications for digital securities and to join us in shaping the future of capital markets.”

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