Investment Bank, Bernstein, Hosts Webinar on ‘Building Leverage Products for DeFi’ with Alpha Finance

Investment Bank, Bernstein, Hosts Webinar on ‘Building Leverage Products for DeFi’ with Alpha Finance

Investment bank Bernstein is hosting a webinar on yield farming in decentralized finance (DeFi).

The webinar, “Bernstein Crypto Live: Building leverage products for DeFi,” will be hosted on June 22 at 8:30 am ET.

Bernstein’s Indian Financials and Fintech director Gautam Chhugani will be hosting Alpha Finance Lab co-founder Tascha Punyaneramitdee.

“Alpha Finance is building leverage products to complement existing DeFi yield-farming and DeFi crypto-trading products” defines the official notice for the upcoming webinar.

According to the announcement, the bank will consider the need for leveraged products, system leverage in crypto, liquidations, and the impact of leverage during drawdowns.

They will also focus on understanding Alpha Homora and Alpha-X, other levered products that Alpha Finance can build, Alpha token staking and token-holder incentives, and Alpha Launchpad – an incubator platform for DeFi.

Alpha Finance Lab is an ecosystem of DeFi products that has launched Alpha Homora on Ethereum and BSC, a leveraged yield farming and leveraged liquidity providing product. For this, the loans are over-collateralized; as such, users can increase their realized yields but run the risk of being liquidated in case of a sharp reduction in their collateral value.

The project’s roadmap includes multiple products focused on DeFi applications, including a Defi launchpad for new projects, explains the notice. Their other product AlphaX is a non-order book perpetual swap.

The project is backed by The Spartan Group, Multicoin Capital, DeFiance Capital, and Delphi Ventures.

There is currently $1.2 billion of total value locked (TVL) in the project and 74.6 million ALPHA tokens staked, representing 26.14% of ALPHA’s circulating supply.

ALPHA token holders earn fees by staking their tokens, which are currently trading at $0.477 per coin, down 83.6% from its peak of $2.93 five months ago.

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