Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Medalla Running Smoothly with 39,000 Active Validators & More in Queue

All is good for Ethereum right now.

The second-largest network is working at full capacity, as evident from the skyrocketing gas prices and miners pulling in a whopping $113 million in transaction fees last month.

The price is also rallying, breaking a new two-year high, surging as high as $483 today.

Now, much-awaited ETH 2.0’s testnet Medalla has been said to be running smoothly. Launched earlier last month, the testnet that went live with 20,000 validators has now expanded to 39,000 active validators.

Eth 2.0 network is expected to be launched by the year’s end.

At the time of the initial launch, it crashed because of the Cloudflare that went down. Prysmatic Labs then made a few fixes and released an upgrade.

“Client software is much more robust following this incident,” reads the latest update by Ethereum. And ever since that incident, Medalla is reported to be running quite smoothly with 39k active validators and another 12k in the activation queue.

The network, however, is currently dominated by a single client, Prysm, which has “good historical reason” for its dominance. The blog mentions how Prysm has been the one that prioritized early testnets, community engagement, and usability for the past year.

But at the same time, Prysm’s dominance amplified the failure on August 14th. The team, however, assures that now most of the clients are robust and well documented.

Eth clients are also working on ensuring the switching clients is easy and safe, and soon users will be able to “hop from one client to another with minimal downtime and no risk of accidental slashing.”

Right now, one of the primary goals of ETH 2.0 is to reach Phase 1.5, The Merge, and this transition is “designed to be as seamless as possible to existing users and applications.”

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