CryptoKitties Maker Launches New Competitive Game, Gets Over $200k From First Week Players

CryptoKitties Maker Launches New Competitive Game, Gets Over $200k From First Week Players

Every day, some of the biggest firms in the world come up with new and innovative ways to apply blockchain technology in their everyday functions to better improve their services. Many sectors, in the last year or two, have deployed different blockchain solutions to their core businesses. However, in all this, one sector that isn’t in the news for blockchain innovation is the gaming or recreational industry.

In 2017, one of the first every blockchain based games was launched. The game, Cryptokitties, was based on the Ethereum network and allowed players buy, sell and nurture various types of virtual cats. Cryptokitties became so successful that in December of the same year, the Ethereum network became very clogged and reached its highest ever figure in the number of transactions because of the game. Its popularity during that period affected the Ethereum network, making it very slow.

Cheeze Wizards

Now, Dapper Labs, the same brain behind Cryptokitties has just launched a new game, also based on the Ethereum network. The game, called Cheeze Wizards, involves players using Ether to summon wizards in competition with other players in a large number of fights. Every time a wizard is summoned, the size of the grand prize – known as the Big Cheeze – is increased a little more. After a few weeks, the last wizard standing wins and becomes the Big Cheeze, taking all the money.

Further explaining the game, Bryce Bladon, Head of Communications at Dapper Labs said:

“Players summon wizards, each of which is a non-fungible token (NFT). The winner gets a portion of the losing wizard’s power.… Using rock-paper-scissors logic, a winner is picked for each of the five spells cast.”

Everyone is Playing

In the first week after the game was officially deployed for play, users spent about 1,013 ETH which was roughly $275,000. However, due to unclear regulations in some areas, the game does not allow players from these places to join in the game. Regardless of these restrictions, players in those areas are already making circumventions and creating third party applications that allow them join the game. So far, there have been about five of these applications used by people in these regions. These places include Canada, Kentucky, Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina.


Last year a funding round led by Venrock and also joined by Google’s GV and Samsung Next, successfully raised $15 million for Dapper Labs with the hope that the firm would be able to create other groundbreaking Ethereum based games. Dapper Labs is very particular about doing everything they can to create games that are extensible. This directly refers to the ability to take assets gained from playing these games outside of the game’s specific space and to use these assets elsewhere. This is why the firm has its own Dapper Ethereum wallet which also works with other cryptocurrency wallets.

The Dapper Community

According to Bladon, Dapper Labs is very focused on creating and nurturing a community that will give opportunities to and fully back other creators and developers who hope to create projects that are as fulfilling as Cryptokitties or Cheeze Wizards.

Speaking on Dapper Labs’ focus on the community, Bladon said:

“A lot of blockchain games are trying to appeal to the mass market by sacrificing the decentralization and using side chains or hosted solutions. We want to go to the other side of the spectrum and create a game with the community for an experiment with user behaviour in crypto networks.”

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