Crypto Rewarding Privacy Browser Brave Hits Milestone With 40 Million Downloads On Android

Brave, a crypto rewarding browser that tip users in BAT tokens for using the platform have seen significant downloads since its launch back in 2014. As per the latest data from AppBrain, a total of 40 million Android users have downloaded the brave browser.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Cameron Asa who is known to closely follow the progress of the Brave browser was among the first to reveal the latest downloads number. He also pointed out back in July that Brave has seen over 8 million downloads in just a little over two months.

Brave rewards its users for watching ads on its platform where the user receives 70% of the total revenue generated by that ad. The BAT utility token which is given as a reward has been listed on several exchanges and can be redeemed for availing several services online. This has made the browser quite popular in recent times.

Brave not only rewards its uses for surfing the web and watching dedicated ads but also provides optimum privacy to the users. The browser also supports numerous cryptocurrencies apart from the BAT token which has made the privacy-focused users migrate from the traditional ones towards the Brave.

Brave has been also expanding its verified publisher list which allows users to tip using BAT which by August this year has grown by 1200% since 2018.

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Author: Rebecca Asseh

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