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It is impossible not to notice the significant gains most cryptocurrencies made during the last 24 hours. The green candle party is set to continue as these cryptocurrencies recorded new gains in the last one hour.

Here is the market outlook for today:


The King coin saw increased price movements during the last 24 hours. The coin saw an intraday high of  $56,155 and a low of $53,591.

Unfortunately, these prices swings were unable to see the firstborn coin record significant gains in the last 24 hours as it lost almost 1%. However, things are brightening up as BTC increased by 0.2% in the last one hour.

BTC price movement during the last 24 hours suggested that it is not set to consistently trade above $56k. The next 24 hours will see the buyers accumulate at the current price. A price correction below $54k may also take place if the bulls can’t hold the $54,000 support.


The Binance coin had a bullish 24 hours. The coin gained 3.6% during this time and saw a high of $575 and a low of $548. Crypto’s third-largest coin is off to a good start as it increased by 1.2% in the past hour.

The $600 resistance stands as one of the strongest and will flip only when there is immense price hike. At the time of writing, BNB is trading above $560. The $550 is still the strongest support in flipping $600.


Ripple also had an interesting 24 hours as it gained almost 2%. XRP saw a high of $1.41 and a low of $1.31 in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, XRP lost 1.2% in the past hour.

The main goal of the bulls in the next 24 hours is to pump XRP to as high as $1.44. To achieve this, the buyers will have to stop further price slip below $1.38 as the bears will mount pressure on that support.

Everything looks set for the highlighted cryptocurrencies to attain their set out targets. Will these cryptocurrencies surge or will they suffer another price correction? Fingers crossed.

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Author: Gideon Geoffrey

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Author: Gideon Geoffrey