Cardano’s CEO Charles Hoskinson: “We Are Delivering the Best Cryptocurrency, Period”

In his latest Periscope video, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson yet again emphasized on the smart contract platform to be technologically superior to leading networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum or any other blockchain, for that matter.

Talking about Cardano in 2020, Hoskinson said advancement in wallets and smart contracts in recent years have been revolutionary but Cardano is on the way to becoming the most advanced blockchain in the space. The upcoming improvement according to him will make ADA the best cryptocurrency on the planet.

“These are amazing achievements in a very short period of time. (…) that has moved the entire state of the industry forward.”

This year, the industry will see Cardano “ascend to the best cryptocurrency in the world. There really is going to be nothing on the market that’s as good as what we’re delivering this year. Because at the end of the day we have it all,” said Hoskinson who also co-created Ethereum.

He pointed out how they’ll have a loading system, smart contract system, multi-asset standard, identity standard, clear interoperability, and all the scalability that is required to meet the growth demands.

From investors, traders, developers, to those who govern or operate the platform, Hoskinson said, “we’re going to be best in class in all of those things. And that’s what we’re delivering, and that’s what we’re committed to deliver throughout 2020.”

But all of this doesn’t mean Cardano will automatically become the widely used platform, that is an “ecosystem play” which means, Emurgo and Cardano Foundation have to step up and “this is what they were funded for and why they exist,” said Hoskinson.

Entire point of decentralization

The IOHK CEO also took to Twitter later to clarify that he was just sharing the commitments that they will be delivered prior to bidding for the next contract which in no way means he is leaving the project.

“We are delivering the best Cryptocurrency period.”

The entire point of Voltaire, Hoskinson explained, is to “put the community in charge of the future direction.” This era of Cardano will provide the final pieces to make the network a self-sustaining system that will introduce voting and treasury systems.

Cardano needs a decentralized leadership for which he said the community needs to launch a “thousand ships” for the network to reach its highest level. Charles Hoskinson said,

“We are going to bid out another 3-5 years with a huge scope at the end of the Year. We will stay if the community wants us to stay. We will leave if they don’t want us there anymore and decide to move in a different direction. This is the entire point of decentralization.”

Amidst this, a group of 30 stake pools has come together to form an alliance called Inter Stake Pool Peering Agreement (ISPPA). Their official website reads,

“The main intention of this agreement is to test for and try to achieve an even better networking infrastructure and propagation of blocks than with each pool operator running on his own during the ITN.”

The Cardano community, however, isn’t in favor of it and criticizes it for consisting of large pools that have huge amounts of ADA, to stake on the network and produce over 12% of the blocks at any given time.

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