Bitcoin Twitter Turns Colombian Sats Stacker to Wholecoiner in Under 24 Hours

Despite the global economic uncertainty, the Bitcoin community came through for one of its own in the last 24 hours, rallying behind a certain Bitcoiner from Colombia (@ancapchildren) who claimed he would be “buying sats like a crazy person,” if not for the low minimum wage of $2,500/ year.

All that was needed was two supposedly honest comments on a tweet by another Bitcoiner on Twitter (@hodl_american) revealing he had purchased an extra 0.3 BTC to increase his Bitcoin stack. Then, @ancapchildren posted the screenshot of his Bitcoin balance of $19.05 amassed in what he claims was a two months period.

There and then, the donations started flowing in after the original poster requested Atlas to drop a Bitcoin address that funds could be sent to. The donations ranged from a few thousand sats to 0.01BTC donations and even an undisclosed sum from Blockstream CEO Adam Back who tracked the donations.

At the time of writing, the address which Atlas had dropped on the initial post had received over 1BTC with a bunch of pending transactions almost certainly to make the Colombian the owner of a whole Bitcoin. wallet balance

Meanwhile, He also took to Twitter to thank the donors, asking for no further donations and pledging to HODL.

Interestingly, the latest fundraise on Twitter comes the same day Coinfomania reported a newbie donated 1BTC to a fake giveaway scam and reveals the true spirit of the Bitcoin community which fraudsters continue to undermine with their schemes.

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Author: Wilfred Michael

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Author: Wilfred Michael